Birdfeeding is not just a hobby but a Joy


I got into feeding the birds many years ago. It was more by happenstance than anything else. You see my wife Kathy decided to purchase the Wild Birds Unlimited in Hockessin some 20 years ago. So my introduction was like any novice's, I hung up a feeder and waited for the birds. And waited and waited. Little by little they appeared giving me a glimpse of what's possible to see out my window. Then I began experimenting with different foods, feeders, and setups to see what new birds I could attract. Through the years we've been able to attract over 30 birds to our bird feeders. In addition we leave a lot of rough spots with tasty morsels of seed, fruit, and nuts in our yard to entice many more bird species. We hope you'll stop in and learn how you can bring the joy of birds into your yard and life. Kathy and I personally non-maintain over 15 acres of property just over the state line in Pennsylvania. We feel the birds and wildlife find it more inviting than a close cropped lawn. It's habitat for them not us. Charles Shattuck