Hockessin, Delaware

Are the Squirrels in your yard getting out of hand? Is your Bird food becoming Squirrel food? If so we can help.

  • There are several methods for defeating the squirrels but each must be tailored for an individual's backyard and viewing pleasure. 
  • An all purpose way is to buy a squirrel-proof bird feeder. Some are weight sensitive to shut off food ports from the squirrels while others have cages encompassing the feeders to restrict them from getting at the feeder. A squirrel-proof feeder is best suited for hanging from a deck or a tree.
  • For an open yard the best solution is to install a seven foot tall pole and a baffle on the pole at the right height. The pole must be situated at least eight feet from any leaping point or else they'll just jump to the top. An Advanced Pole System from Wild Birds Unlimited is adaptable to work in any yard and be made squirrel-proof. This way you can offer all types of bird foods even peanuts and the squirrels won't get any of it.
  • We also carry hot pepper products like suet, suet plugs and hot pepper seed cylinders which will deter the squirrels.