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Summer is here!

Spring and summer are the most exciting seasons to feed the birds. By now our spring migrants have made their way into our area and you may even see some of them at your feeders! While some species such as the Rose-breasted Grosbeak are temporary visitors fueling up for the rest of their journey north to their breeding grounds, others will remain in our area for the rest of the summer. Baltimore Orioles, Indigo Buntings, Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, and Gray Catbirds are just a few of them. Putting out foods like fruit, mealworms, and nectar will help attract theses species to your yard.


Putting out fresh fruit like oranges will bring in Catbirds galore!

Keep your eyes peeled! Hummingbirds are buzzing around looking for nectar. Put out your feeder to attract them to your yard.

In addition to the increase in variety, the number of birds you see in your yard is activiely increasing as nestlings begin to fledge and learn what it means to be a bird in this chaotic world. You may see little scruffy looking birds hopping around your yard or under bushes. The parent birds will continue to feed these babies, you may even see them at your feeders. Few things are as adorable as watching a mama bird take seed from your feeder and place it in the mouth of her babies. By doing this she is showing her young that your feeder is a reliable source of food. Look out for this behavior in your backyards, you won't want to miss it!

This time of year you may see birds like this Bluebird mama bringing their babies to your feeders to show them where the good food is!

Sometimes you may notice a bit of a reduction in activity at your feeders. As the season progresses, more and more natural foods will become available to your feathered friends, meaning they will not need to rely on your feeder as much for food. This may be even more prevalent this year with the 17-year cicada erruption. Don't be alarmed if you notice this happening in your yard, and don't take your feeders down either. Your birds will come and go as they need, and you won't want to miss them when they do!

It's not just baby birds that are out and about! This curious fox kit has come to sample some bird seed.