What to do about Raccoons

Oh So Cute. Oh So Destructive.

A common refrain from customers is ‘those darn squirrels stole my bird feeder again’. When we explain that it was most likely a raccoon they respond with ’I’ve never seen a raccoon’.      Unless you’re awake in the wee hours you may never actually see one.  These mischievous bandits are the bane of all backyard birders. They are very determined and extremely clever.  A raccoon can easily open any bird feeder and destroy it at will. Weighing up to 25 pounds they have no difficulty in picking up a bird feeder.  Raccoons are incredible climbers, and have the same dexterity in their paws as you have with your hands. They can climb poles, decks, and trees.  Last summer, a video was taken of a raccoon scaling the outside of a 25   story building.  If you come in contact with one, they generally don’t run off, remember they’re eating and you are disturbing them. They’ll just stare back and subliminally advise you to return inside.  Being an   omnivore, there is no food a raccoon will not eat. You can try bringing in your feeder each night to alter their nocturnal routine. The only device known to prevent a raccoon from getting to your feeders is a raccoon    baffle. This type of baffle is longer then one for a   squirrel. We have raccoon baffles that fit our APS pole system and 4x4 posts. Save money on bird food and feeders by making your setup Raccoon-proof.