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If you're missing flocks of birds at your feeders just remember they're off nesting. The females will be preoccupied with nest building, egg laying, incubation, and chick rearing. In a few species the female does all the work, in others the male will help out. If you happen to see birds at your feeders know that they must be nesting nearby. It also can tell you which species finds your yard suitable for nesting. That includes food sources both natural or provided by you, shelter from predators and weather for the young, and sources of water for those times of drought. You can also help by not spraying pesticides, looking before you start pruning a bush or tree, and by keeping your bird feeders and birdbaths clean. 

Baby Bluebirds

Downy feeding Downy.

Purple Martins nest in burbling colonies at your local parks.

Towhee feeding Towhee.

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We are located just over the PA/DE state line on Route 41. Our next door neighbor is Delaware's premier organic grocery store Harvest Market.


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