WBU Seed Cylinders: A Fun Way To Feed The Birds

Have you tried WBU Seed Cylinders yet? They are a simple and fun way to feed your backyard birds. Our cylinders come in a variety of tasty blends your birds will love, including hot pepper to deter the squirrels and plain safflower to deter the Starlings. We even have a couple no-melt suet flavors in log form so you can offer multiple types of food to bring in wider variety of birds!

Cylinders are great for several reasons:

  1. They last longer than the same amount of loose seed
  2. They are less messy than most loose seed blends
  3. They are easy to refill
  4. The birds spend more time at the feeder eating, so you get more time to watch them

Check out the video below to see how our seed logs work in one of the adorable feeders we carry in store. Be sure to stop in and pick one up for your yard today!