We have Solutions to your Squirrel problems

There are 3 ways to deter Squirrels from eating up your bird food, being a nuisance  and costing you money.

The best way stop stop Squirrels is with the WBU pole system and a Squirrel baffle. With tis setup you need a seven foot pole to hang the feeders high enough to accommodate a squirrel baffle. The pole itself has got to be 8 feet from any jumping point for the squirrels. With this type of setup you can offer any type of bird food to the birds including peanuts.

The second way to deter the Squirrels is to purchase a quality Squirrel proof bird feeder. Some of these types of feeders shut off the seed ports when the squirrel tries to get on it. Cage feeders work well by keeping the squirrels from getting inside. A cage feeder will allow smaller birds such as Finches, sparrows, Titmice, Wrens, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Downey Woodpeckers and Bluebirds to fit inside. Unfortunately everybody's favorite the Cardinal can not fit inside a cage.

The third way to deter squirrels is by using some of the Hot pepper products we offer. We carry seed, suet, seed cylinders, Bark Butter Bits and suet plugs that are mixed with hot peppers.

Which ever way works for you and it may be a combination of all three we at Wild Birds Unlimited  Hockeesin can help you find a solution.