All You Need To Know About The Avian Flu

By now you may have heard from various media outlets about an avian flu that is circulating. This has led to lots of questions and concerns being voiced by our customers, especially after last summer's mysterious illness with the birds. Luckily, we know a bit more about avian flu than we do about last years ailment, so here are the facts to ease your minds:

1) The avian flu virus occurs naturally in waterfowl such as ducks, geese, gulls, and shorebirds. It can also spread to domestic poultry such as chickens, turkeys, and ducks. You have probably experienced the direct result of this in the form of price increases for chicken and eggs at the grocery store.

2) Backyard birds appear to be substantially less susceptible to contracting avian flu. As a result, you do not need to remove your backyard bird feeders. However, temporary removal of your feeders might be best if you have chickens and/or waterfowl in your yard that are visiting your feeders.

3) Humans typically do not become infected from these particular viruses. Therefore you do not need to worry about contracting the virus from your feeders or birdbaths. That being said, it is always best to practice good hygiene when interacting with wildlife. Clean your feeders and baths frequently with a solution of 1 part bleach and 9 parts water. Also, be sure to wear gloves or wash your hands thoroughly whenever you come into contact with your feeders or birdbaths.

We will continue to keep you informed as we learn more about the progression of this particular avian flu outbreak.