What To Do About Glass Strikes

There are two types of glass strikes and two reasons behind these unfortunate mishaps.

The first deals with that heartbreaking thud of a bird hitting your window. The bird will either lay stunned or dead below your window. The bird flew into the mirror image in the glass believing it was flying into the sky. This is the leading cause of bird deaths each year. Every building has glass and every window has the potential to confuse a bird into believing it can pass through the image. The reasons behind this unfortunate action could be bird migration or night lights that disorient the birds. It could also be birds at your feeder fleeing a hawk. Whereby they just to get away as quickly as possible.

What can you do? There are various stickers that you can place on the outside of your window. Some the birds recognize as not supposed to be there. Unfortunately, these random stickers don't cover the entire window so birds usually just smack the glass in between the stickers. A more comprehensive sticker system covers the whole window in a series of dots two inches apart. This product works much better. Which ever product you use remember they must go on the outside of the window. Nothing applied to the inside mars the mirror image on the outside. The dot system takes a while to get use to but not hearing a thud is reassuring. 

The second type of bird strike happens when a bird repeatedly attacks their own image in the glass. With the arrival of nesting season comes displays of love and territorial behavior. Some birds are notorious for defending their territory from all intruders that they will even attack their own image. Robins, Cardinals, Bluebirds and an Indigo Bunting are some that have attack their reflection in house and car windows. The male birds will literally launch themselves at the glass; repeatedly. What the birds is seeing is their reflection and they feel its another male in their territory. The image the bird sees is the outside glass surface that act like a mirror. In order to discourage this abnormal behavior you must do something to the outside surface. Pulling the curtains or shining a light towards the outside will do nothing to alter what the bird is seeing. You can mix up a solution of dish washing soap and water and wash the window. Do not wipe it off allow the solution to dry as is. The film will diffuse the perfect image the bird is seeing and hopefully they will go elsewhere. You can cover the glass with a screen as this will also shield the image from the bird. Sometimes the bird is doing it as their nest is nearby. Unfortunately even if you do something to one window there's nothing to say the bird won't got to the next one and attack it too. If they attack the side mirrors of your car you can cover them with plastic bags. These solutions are usually temporary. Once nesting season is over the birds will go elsewhere.