Nesting Season is an Exciting Time for Bird Fanatics!

Watch for courtship behavior as couples entreat each other with choice bits of seeds or affectionate gestures like this pair of kissing Cedar Waxwings. You may see a male put on a show with wing fluttering like the male Eastern Bluebird pictured on our nest box. Love is in the air! 



What Makes a Great Nest Box?

-Insulation: Boxes should be made of wood or recycled plastic at least 3/8th of an inch thick so that they have great insulation properties for the hot and cold times. 

-Ventilation: Make sure they have slots, holes, or another method of ventilation near the top of the box to allow heat out on hot days.

-Drainage: There should be drainage holes or small slots on the bottom to allow any excess moisture to exit the nest box.

-Easy Exit for Fledglings: On the inside there should be a scored area or small metal mesh ladder to allow nestlings to leave the nest at the appropriate time. 

-Ability to Clean: For convenience, buy a house that can easily open from the side to clean and make it ready for the next tenants. This is much easier than styles that cannot be opened or must have screws removed first.

-Ability to Monitor: Finding a house that not only opens from the side but also from the top via the roof allows you to easily monitor the family without potentially disturbing the nest. 

-Can I paint it? You can paint the exterior of the house but not the inside. Make sure to choose exterior paints or stains are nontoxic and contain low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).



Some Favorites: The A-Frame Style


We have wren/chickadee boxes as well as bluebird boxes available in wood and recycled plastic while in stock. Both open from the top and side to allow for easy monitoring and cleaning.