Hockessin, Delaware

Baby Robins awaiting Mom's return.

At this time of year all the yard feels like a maternity ward. All the mothers are quietly sitting on their nest keeping their eggs warm and safe. When I check my nest boxes on my weekly walks the mother usually flies off the nest. I then glance at the nest, count the eggs and quickly shut the box. If I find that the female remains hunkered down on her nest I do not disturb. It takes me 10 seconds at most. Monitoring provides data on which boxes are more successful, what birds are using them and alerts me as to any issues such as predators or insect invasions that might harm my birds. I am always careful when I go about checks I make sure to act with nature's best interest in mind.

When a baby bird is found on the ground it's best to leave it alone. The parents are somewhere nearby waiting for you to leave. If you were to find a baby bird on the ground the best thing for you to do is to leave it be and prevent cats, dogs or children from getting at it.

If the bird is visibly injured we recommend you place it in a box and keep it in a quiet place. Remember this is a very stressful time for a bird. Do not try to feed it, give it water, talk to it or hold it more than necessary. Call the Tri-State Bird Rescue in Newark DE. Tri-State's staff are the only ones in our area that have the resources and knowledge on how to treat birds. Please keep in mind that they are primarily volunteer operated and are not staffed 24 hours.